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22. To maintain in circulation; market and restock: We turned a lot of merchandise for the duration of the holidays.

splay, unfold out, rotate, flip out - transform outward; "These birds can splay out their toes"; "ballet dancers can rotate their legs out by 90 levels"

They decide to change the participating in fields right into a carpark → Ils prévoient de transformer les terrains de jeu en parkings.

= remodel, make become → verwandeln (in(to) in +acc); the shock turned his hair white overnight → durch den Schock bekam er über Nacht weiße Haare; his results turns me eco-friendly with envy → sein Erfolg lässt mich vor Neid erblassen; the smoke turned the partitions black → der Rauch schwärzte die Wände; to turn the lights down small → das Licht herunterdrehen; this incredibly hot climate has turned the milk (bitter) → bei dieser Hitze ist die Milch sauer geworden; to show a boat adrift → ein Boot losmachen und treiben lassen; his goal turned the game → sein Tor gab dem Spiel eine andere Wendung; to turn a gain (esp US) → einen Gewinn machen, einen Income einfahren (inf) ?

57. (Armed service) a military services manoeuvre by which Adult males or ships change their way of advance jointly

metamorphose, transmogrify, transfigure - transform totally the nature or physical appearance of; "In Kafka's story, somebody metamorphoses right into a bug"; "The remedy and food plan transfigured her into a beautiful young female"; "Jesus was transfigured following his resurrection"

? turn round (esp Brit) vi (= deal with other way) → sich umdrehen; (= go back) → umkehren; to show round and return → umkehren; to turn round and go back to camp → ins Lager zurückkehren; he just turned spherical and hit him → er drehte sich einfach um und schlug ihn

change - endure a adjust; grow to be distinct in essence; getting rid of one's or its unique mother nature; "She altered totally as she grew older"; "The weather conditions modified very last evening"

eight. To vary a person's actions or attitudes adversely; turn into hostile or antagonistic: The peasants turned in opposition to the cruel king.

obtain, get - occur to the possession of something concrete or summary; "She received many paintings from her uncle"; "They acquired a whole new pet"; "Get your outcomes the next day"; "Get authorization to acquire a few days off from perform"

c. Certainly one of a series of this kind of options other accorded men and women in succession or in scheduled get: looking ahead to her subsequent turn at bat.

flip versus a person become hostile to, turn into disillusioned with, grow to be disenchanted with, have a dislike to, turn out to be unsympathetic to They turned versus me when someone said I might been insulting them.

(= get busy) immediately after a brief rest, they turned to their do the job all over again → nach einer kurzen Pause machten sie sich wieder an die Arbeit

(Prepare dinner: = idea out) cake → stürzen; he turned the images out from the box → er kippte die Fotos aus der Schachtel

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